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Imitations Of Original Drawings By Hans Holbein, In The Collection of His Majesty, For The Portraits Of Illustrious Persons Of The Court Of Henry VIII.
Chamberlaine, John Bartolozzi, Francesco Holbein, Hans
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Reformation was undoubtedly much forwarded by her means, and perhaps 
the origin of her miseries may be traced to the resentment of the Roman 
Catholics. Henry's passion for her began to abate; and they eagerly seized 
the opportunity of indirectly inspiring the Kingls mind with vexatious re- 
flections on the political consequences of a marriage disallowed by all the 
courts of Europe, and the danger, in case of his death, to be expected from 
the disputed succession of a female infant reputed illegitimate. Catherine's 
death too, Which happened about this time, seems to have suggested to him 
the means of extricating himself from these difliculties, and left him at liberty 
to marry again, without 
fear of censure or resentment from the Imperial and 
Papal courts. At this critical period a new object of amorous regard presented 
itself in the charming person of Jane Seymour, and, between policy and pas- 
sion, the King's heart became totally alienated from the unfortunate Anne. 
Jealousy, commonly the attendant of an ardent love, took possession of his 
breast after the decay of his affection for her, and she was suddenly seized 
and imprisoned on very slight suspicion of infidelity. Mark Smeton, and Sir 
Francis Westoii, both of the Kingas Privy Chamber, Henry Norris, and William 
Brereton, were apprehended at the same time, as persons to Whom she had been 
too liberal of her Favour, and her brother, the Viscount Rochford, to the ma- 
lice and jealousy of Whose infamous wife the King's suspicions were originally 
owing, was also sent to the Tower. On the fifteenth of May, 1536, she was 
arraigned before the Peers, convicted, and condemned, on evidence which 
would not now be thought suflicient even to bring a person to trial, and on 
the nineteenth, suffered death in the Tower, for some thoughtless imprudencies, 
which at this day would scarcely provoke a husband's frown. 
The portrait before us will not tend to confirm the common report of this 
ladyls personal charms. Sanders, and other Roman Catholic writers, have told 
us that she was ugly, and ill shaped, and, in particular, that she had a tumour 
under her chin: perhaps these were not merely splenetic calumnies.


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