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Imitations Of Original Drawings By Hans Holbein, In The Collection of His Majesty, For The Portraits Of Illustrious Persons Of The Court Of Henry VIII.
Chamberlaine, John Bartolozzi, Francesco Holbein, Hans
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THE son of Henry the Eighth by Jane Seymour, was born at Hampton Court 
on the 12th of October, 1537, and died at Greenwich on the 6th of July, 1553. 
The annals of this prince present little more to our view than the strange 
events which attended the struggle between Seymour and Dudley for the pos- 
session of his person. The bloody war with Scotland, and the dangerous 
insurrections which succeeded at home, occupied the ardent minds, and em- 
ployed the talents of those chiefs during the two first years of his reign; but 
the return of national peace gave birth to the bitterest discord between them; 
and their wisdom and bravery, which in the late public exigencies had shone 
with expanded lustre alternately in the council and in the field, presently 
sunk into the contracted cunning and petty malice of factious politicians. The 
Protector sought to intrench himself in the strong hold of popular favour, and 
was perhaps the first English nobleman who endeavoured to derive power or 
security from that source: his antagonist, too proud and too artful to engage 
in an untried scheme, humiliating in its progress, and uncertain in its event, 
threw himself into the arms of a body of discontented nobles, lamenting the 
fallen dignity of the crown, and the tarnished-honour of their order. He 
proved successful: the Protector Was accused of high treason, and suffered 
on the scaffold, and the young king was transferred to Dudley, together with 
the regal power. 
These circumstances, Well known as they are, will be found to throw a 
new lustre on Edwardas character. In this convulsed time, so adverse to 
every sort of improvement either in the morals, or less important accomplish- 
ments of the youthful prince; under the disadvantages of an irregular educa- 
tion, a slighted authority, and a sickly constitution; he mad.e himself master 
of the most eminent qualifications. With a critical knowledge of the Greek 
and Latin languages, he understood, and conversed in, French, Spanish, and 
-Italian. He was Well read in natural philosophy, astronomy, and logic. He 
imitated his father in searching into the conduct of public men in every part 
of his dominions, and kept a register in which he wrote the characters of 
such persons, even to the rank of justices of the peace. He Was well in- 
formed of the value and exchange of money. He is said to have been master


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