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H ENRI MARTIN. An artist of great versatility, 
of an exquisite and fertile imagination, whose 
talent is at once original and sincere. He has sent 
to this year's Salon de la Société des Artistes 
Francais a large decorative painting, entitled 
Apparztion de Clémence [saure aux troubadours, 
which is sure to attract a great deal of attention, 
and a Muse. M. Martin has exhibited, during 
1897-8, at Munich, Stockholm, Dresden, Copen- 
hagen, Brussels, London, Vienna, and Lille. 
would seem to have definitely abandoned his 
oriental and Byzantine fancies, of which he has 
made a speciality for years past, in favour of 
portrait-painting-a fact on which he may be 
heartily congratulated. His genuine painter's gifts 
serve him far better in this direction, and his 
portrait of his son, in the Luxembourg collection, 
will live much longer than all his Theodoras. 
This year he exhibits at the Sociéte des Artistes 
Francais a Portrait de III. Gabriel Harwtazlx, de 
l'Acaa'émz'e Frmzpaise, and one of M. Paul Solzége. 
M. Constant recently exhibited at the Cercle de la 
Rue Volney portraits of M. Frédéric Ayer and 
Mme. Arnold Rezblzenbach. 
ALFRED SISLEY. This refined impressionist 
landscape-painter is a constant exhibitor at 
the Société Nationale. His canvases now displayed 
-La Vague, baie de Langland; La rade de 
Cardzjf; d Penarth, temps brumeux-reveal the 
charmingly clear, fresh tone, the harmonious 
variations in which he excels. Happily, the days 
when work such as this was refused by the ultra- 
conservative Salons are now past. The impres- 
sionists have not changed, but public taste has. 
FELIX BOUCHOR. Everything done by M. 
Felix Bouchor bears the stamp, if not of any 
very striking originality, at least of wonderful 
sincerity of purpose. In this he shews himself 
indeed the true brother or the distinguished poet 


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