Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

A 1'! in 1898 
an port; and at Copen- 
hagen a decorative panel 
entitled Le matirz. 
A P. ROLL. Having 
- devoted his whole 
time to the monumental 
canvas painted to com- 
memorate the Pose dc la 
Alexmm're  par le Tzar 
]Vz'cimlns 11., there will be 
no opportunity of admiring 
M. Roll's work this year 
at the Société Nationale 
Exhibition. Shortly, how- 
ever, there will be on view at 
Georges Petit's a numerous 
series of nude studies in 
sanguine, lead pencil, and 
coloured chalks, which un- 
doubtedly betray the hand 
of a master, and which 
cannot fail to appeal to all 
lovers of true and sincere 
Le Fruit defelzzlll ; 
Portrait (le Madame X__ 
Au Semi], and Psyche 
(marble) represent this 
talented and Celebrated 
sculptor at the Salon de la 
Société (les Artistes Fran- 
gais this year. All four 
works are in his best style. 
' is a large decorative 
panel for the Hotel (le 
Ville, entitled Arreslalion de 
Browse], that this powerful 
artist is exhibiting this year 
at the Salon de la Société 
des Artistes Franeais. In 
addition, he has a portrait 
of JV lailrmr, fils ainé (in 
black), in contrast to the 
portrait (in white) of his 
other son, which was such a 
success at lastyear's Champs 
Elysées Exhibition.


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