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Jackson, F. Ernest Mason, J. H. Johnston, Edward
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Printing and Patents 
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bars u carried by the channelled brackets t, which are bolted to the frame- 
work of the apparatus,'the pressure of the scrapers being adjusted at will. 
Troughs 1) suspended on the pins 121 are arranged conveniently in relation 
to the scrapers p for receiving the ink or colour removed from the wiping 
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 'r'      -r  "rill  
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 , ply      17- '4' 
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rollers by the scrapers. The wiping rollers may be composed of a core of 
wood or other suitable material and a leather-rubber compound or similar 
covering packed with some suitable soft material j. They are driven from 
the shaft m (driven in any suitable manner from the printing machine) 
through the medium of gear wheels m1, etc., in a reverse direction to that 
0" 0 1' q 1r' 91' .4 
1   ilwll;-',"  1:  gim 1: 1'11" 1'8 _w 
J   ll"    r 
P   iK;é5N?1  53 J 
 Ms "451:-K. dam";   J45 K '-5 
 llrllallm  sill  82115521112! -:43 
-  '4  U7"  - 4!. 'IIl1v I ill  
nu - 5'WVJ 15.4 .4 .41 4" 
. ll  
I  ill 
It my 
of the surface to be wiped, the arrows c and d indicating the direction of 
rotation of the surface to be wiped and of the rollers a, b, c, respectively. 
The roller a first acts on the surface to be wiped, partially wiping it, the 
roller b completes the wiping operation and the roller c imparts a shine to 
the surface of the plate or surface previously wiped by the rollers a, b. 
(Kimber 8: Haddon, of London.) 


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