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Jackson, F. Ernest Mason, J. H. Johnston, Edward
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Edward Arber, F  
-A Note 
which had such a prodigious sale in Charles II.'s time that it gave rise 
to the proverb, still frequently used, " According to Cocker.") 
" The Life and Death of the eminently learned, pious and painful 
Minister of the Gospel, Dr. Sam Winter, sometimes Provost of Trinity 
College, near Dublin, in Ireland. Price, bound, Is. Printed for Tho. Park- 
hurst at the Three Crowns and Bible, at the lower end of Cheapside. 1671." 
" The Assignation, or Love in a N unnery, as acted at the Theatre Royal. 
Price, stitched, Is. Written by John Dryden, Servant to his Majesty : and 
sold by H. Herringman in the New Exchange, 1673." 
" Dying and Dead Men's living Words, or fair Warnings to a careless 
World. Published by D. Lloyd. Printed for ]ohn Amery at the Peacock, 
near St. Dunstan's Church, in Fleet Street." 
" Poems, 8zc., upon several occasions. By Mr. Iohn Milton. Both English 
and Latine, 8cc., composed at several times. With a small Tract of Education, 
to Mr. Hartlib. In Octavo. Price, bound, 2s. 6d. Printed for Th. Dring at 
the Blew Anchor, over against Fetter Lane, in Fleet Street. 1673." 
Though much more might follow, I will conclude with a note by Arber 
in Volume II. " Advantage has been taken of a change of Printers very 
greatly to improve the last two volumes of this Reprint ; in fact, to do for 
them all that is possible, in the present day, for any Work without illus- 
trations. The new Types are certainly amongst the most beautiful founts 
to be found anywhere in the world. The new paper will last till the Day of 
Doom. The new ink will keep its intense blackness-as long as the paper 
will last. Laborare est orare. Edward Arber."


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