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Edward Arber,  
-A Note 
Crook for Thomas Hobbes. Nevil Simmons was Baxter's, though so great 
a one as he must needs outlive one publisher's strength, so Nevil was 
followed by Thomas and B. Simmons. The great Sir Roger L'Estrange 
had Henry Brome, and afterwards his widow Ioanna, to send forth his 
virile, printed children. Then there was Elephant Smith, so-called because 
he published at the sign of the Elephant and Castle, for the Baptists. 
I remember myself being called " elephant " in my very brief schooldays, 
though for another reason than publishing ; this by the way. 
" A few words and phrases in this Bibliography require special attention : 
Against-over against, opposite to, not next to. 
To print, Printer-To publish, Publisher. 
Under-in most cases, under the shadow of, close to, not underneath. 
West end of St. Paul's Church. Shops thus described were all in St. 
4 Paul's Churchyard. There must have been some special advantage in the 
position of these western shops that this form of address should so often 
be insisted on. How the Churchyard must have swanned with Book- 
sellers ! " 
It would be a pretty business for a warm summer's day, even now, to 
sit under the shadow of St. Paul's cross and in one's mind's eye rebuild 
some of those abodes of bookmen, with their picturesquely swinging signs. 
Here lived Henry Brome, over against Simon Miller, whilst away beyond 
there lived Sam Hickman, who at the sign of the Rose published that famous 
journey of Lord Howard's to Vienna and Constantinople, and just down 
Ludgate there, at the sign of the Atlas, Ive Moxon used to sell those 
wonderful Scriptural Maps of " Paradise, and the Countries circumjacent," 
or the forty years' " Travels of the Children of Israel," 8zc., 8zc. 
Here follow the titles of some suggestive books and pamphlets you 
may have, still dreaming, not knowing their worth (for books are not to be 
measured by money), upon your bo0kshe1ves,or to prop open some dormer 
window : 
" Love's Iournal. A Romance made of the Court of Henry the Second 
of France. Printed with License at Paris, 1670; and now Englished. In 
Octavo. Price, bound, Is. 1671." 
the curious Hands practised in England and our neighbouring Nations, 8zc., 
Written and Engraven by Edward Cocker. Printed for N. Brooke at the 
Angel in Cornhill. In Quarto. Price stitched, 2s. 6d. 1671." (This is the 
same Cocker who published his " Artificial and Algebraic Arithmetic," 


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