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Jackson, F. Ernest Mason, J. H. Johnston, Edward
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The House of Macmillan 
through fifty editions in the first thirty years, and, like " Charley's Aunt," 
is still running, cannot be far short of some of Mrs. Wood's remarkable 
figures. " Alice in Wonderland," another immediate and permanent success, 
must be mentioned, if only for the sake of re-telling the always delightful 
tale of Queen Victoria's delight in that little masterpiece, and her request 
to the publishers to send her anything else by the same author. Lewis- 
Carroll, it will be remembered, was a mathematician as well as a humorist, 
and it is solemnly recorded that the very next work of his, which duly 
reached her Majesty, was " An Elementary Treatise on Determinants, with 
their Application to Simultaneous Linear Equations and Algebraical 
Geometry." Alexander Macmillan died in 1896, a year after the iirm had 
been turned into a limited liability company, and a year also before the move 
was made to St. Martinis Street, to What is probably the most imposing 
publishing house in the kingdom. 
The present head, Sir Frederick Macmillan, who was educated at 
Uppingham, and admitted to partnership in 1874, gained some of his early 
experience in New York, in connection with the American branch which 
his firm had started there live years previously. The New York business has 
since developed into the separate and flourishing concern known as the 
Macmillan Company, of which the partners of the parent house are still 
directors. For many years Sir Frederick has been a leading light of the 
publishing world as a whole, as well as of the house in which he preserves 
the best traditions of the past with the enterprising spirit of the present. 
He has been President of the Publishers, Association for three years-in 
1900, 1901, and I91 I-is a trustee of the Booksellers' Provident Institution, 
and to him was largely due the inauguration of the " net " system, which 
quietly revolutionised the trade, both in this country and in the United 
States, by solving the old problem of the evil of underselling. Sir Frederick 
is also a member of the Council of the Royal Literary Fund, and Chaifmall 
of the Board of Management of the National Hospital for the Paralysed and 
Epileptic. It was on the occasion of the opening of the Iubilee Extension 
Buildings of that institution that he received his knighthood, in 1909, at the 
hands of King Edward. 
Associated with Sir Frederick on the board of Macmillan and Co. are 
his younger brother, Mr. Maurice Crawford Macmillan, an M.A. of Christ's 
College, Cambridge, who was for six years classical master at St. Paul's 
School ; and his cousin, Mr. George A. Macmillan (second son of Alexander 
Macmillan), a Justice of the Peace for London, and Hon. D.Litt. of Oxford. 


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