Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

window in the Club-house of the Bangor Golf 
Club. He is connected with the firm of VVard 
and Partners, Stained Glass VVorks, Belfast. 
The staircase window illustrated here has 
greenish slabs in the background. Other 
examples of Mr. Douglas' work appeared in The 
Studio Year Books for 1907 and 1908. 
EMERSQN, ROBERT  "AlQ'feZa's," Rath- 
ley, Leireslerslzire. 
Mr. Emerson designs architectural tittings, 
jewelry, 8zc., and is a worker in metals, ivory, 
and stone. The plaster panel, "Life's Light 
and the Soul," which is reproduced here, Was 
exhibited at the Royal Academy last year, and a 
bronze panel-"Love's unfolded Innocence"- 
and a head in beaten silver and a bronze relief 
-"Veritas"-have also been shown there. A 
portrait of a boy in bronze relief, which was 
exhibited at Leicester, was purchased by the 
Corporation for the Town Museum. Other ex- 
amples of Mr. Emerson's work will be found in 
the metal-Work section of this volume. 
FENTON, HAROLD, Bremtwood, 
Eccles Old Road, Pendleton, Man- 
Mr. Fenton is a designer of stained 
and leaded glass, ecclesiastical deco- 
ration, gesso, mosaics, wallpapers 
and textile fabrics, and a craftsman 
in stained glass and gesso. His re- 
cent work includes figure windows at 
Risley Presbyterian Church and 
the Infirmary, Ashton-under-Lyme, 
and two saloon domes for the s.s. 
"Principe di Udine." Most of Mr. 
Fenton's designs have been carried 
out by Messrs. Vllragge of Man- 
chester. Other illustrations of his 
work appeared in The Studio Year 
Books for 1907 and 1908. 
Alzlmuplalz 5, Vienna. 
Herr Forstner has lately started 
the Wiener Mosaik-Werkstatte in 
Vienna, where he executes his own


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