Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

given on page 101. His recent important work 
includes a large group of three flgures for a 
triumphal arch in India; and two life-size 
statues of the late Queen Victoria for erection 
at Newbury and Gravesend. At present he is 
engaged upon four seated figures for a memorial 
tower in Straits Settlements. 
CHELL, Joan A. See pages 81, 83 and 
ARMITAGE, IOSEPH, 66 Fm-m. Lam, given on page 101. His recent important work 
Leicester.  includes a large. group of three figures for a 
 A .t , WOOd_ triumphal arch 1n India; landttwo life-size 
Save?" eXamp.1e5 of ML rm] ag? S f E 1 statues of the late Queen Victoria for erection 
Carving are glven berg The arms O h  at Newbury and Gravesend. At present he is 
Beauqhamp (Lord Steward of the H(.)uSe O engaged upon four seatedliguresforamemorial 
on this page were executed for the library at tower in Straits Settlements 
Madrestield Court; the drop cresting at the  
head of the 0 osite a e was designed and 
carved for a digser midi by Mr. Sidney, and CHELL1 JOHN A' See Page-7 8 I: 83 and 
the oak pilasters were for a diningroorn at IOI. 
Knaresbord (Mr. A. A. Gibson, Architect). Two 
illustrations of a willow fruit bowl are also CONNOR,C_E_E_ seepage; 45 and IO7__ 
given. Other recent work by Mr. Armitage 
 'EtBOtld _P1aCe (if CUNDALL,CHARLEs E., 7 StanleyGr0r1e, 
 . rquis o u e), at How  
Green, Hever, Kent; at the United Free Church, Sprwgffld, S453 "547   
Gullane,  and the wood-carving and Mr. Cundall is a designer _0f Pottery, and 15 
plaster work at the Albemarle Club, London, W. aSSOCiate? with hleissis. P1lkn3Igton's 1n_the pro- 
ductiono their we  nown ancastrian" us- 
tre ware. A vase painted by him was shown 
 m the Franco-British Exhibition, held 
BENNETT, JOHN W" 2 East Church  Twoadmirable pieces--a 
T121" 50, N-B- punch bowl and an earthenware pot in silver 
Mr. Bennett is a wood-carver and  
worker in clay. He is represented        
here by several carved wood figures,   I           
all of whichareadmirable examples      
of the craft. The two female figures     x 7-    Fm  
shown on page Ioowere executed for 4' VI!-:3   ll.    
a reading desk at Broomhill Con-      j. 
gregational Church, and the three  304' ff     q_ q 
smaller figures for the organ screen          
at the same church. Two views of      ii     
a quaint design for a newel-post         
appear on page IOI. Mr. Bennett         
has recently been appointed draw- 7_     135, 3"      
ingmasterandwoodworkinstructor F         r.  
to the Miller Institution at Thurso      jg; V.    A VI '7" 
in Scotland. ,   I       :3; T 
  '   At,    X    
BRQAD, _]oHN, I Wlzilton Park   xllf-LIT": 7  
Terrace, Haunslow, London.         .1   
Mr.Broad isa designer of and worker tr;       
in ceramics and terra-cotta, and is  _Q  
connected with the Royal Doulton 1. 2   1-3; 1: i    5 Y  
Potteries at Lambeth. An illustra- 
tionofaterra-cottaf1gure,"Victory," ARMS or EARL BEAUCHAMP, ARRANGED 
designed and modelled by him is AND CARVED BY JOSEPH ARMITAGE 


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