Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

Mela! and Glass Tableware 
being, like hooks, joined at 1       
one end Only to Ihe vessel,    
lnstead of bemg 1n the      L, wiwééll" 
 form of bows,       
attached at elther e1"1d-      ' '1 
Much 1s made of Ihe  M;       5  
handle to the hot-water            
Jug by M1 CO"ne11(P-240)        
The grlp Part Of the  Ya,    3-Qgebéooo   F  4    
same des1gner's kettle   2       v     "     
 é   2-,  1'       we   '   
P- 241) 15 O mot CH)               
Pea", a welcome Va"e1Y,        
Commonly used for thls  P"    
,   I   
PUrPOSe. Mr. H adaway S      
spoon (P- 243) Should. be SILVER AND ENAMEL CASKET l)E5IGNEll ANI)  BY w. s. XIAIJAYVAY 
commended as havlng, 
after the olden manner, a round bowl, a much more pic- 
turesque form than the Pomted Oval Of Stefwiyped usage   
 TWO Sllvef   L   
V     b O W1 S, b y    :  
P          . V  
"  " 1 Messrs Liberty        T 
he   (pp' 237 and _ Y:    Y    
    240), one of    1  "  -   
   arr, 3" them On.]a_    I       
30 Z  . mented W It]-1  1     on  
'v '1 XX   Y        
_  I; enamel; and      ,   
       '1" -9   X another,       -   
 fruit or flowers,    :    
1-1aw'r1-1R SARDINE ms}! bY M13 COFIIIQH   .3 "ji        
I)ESI(iNl-ll) AND EXECUTEI)  2 r0_     j :   f  
xv o. 1.. cowmau. (P 37), p     Q     
    1       '1: Y, 
"  _          
       "  "ii  "4        
   I   Q , .     "     
       2"  -1'         no  
  by   4  4-   BEATEN SILVER FLAGON 
x          DESIGNED By A_ 5, DIXON 
Q5, _    if A  1-zxxzcureo BY THE BIRMINGHAM 
     7,    -4  cum) 0F HANDICRAFT LT]. 
aw    lg v1de welcome substltutes, 1n the way of centre- 
ciq   .4     
  -1- H__X pleces, for the épergne of former days, 
  now, fortunately, becoming a thing of the past. 
BEATEN  PLAQUE DESIGNED AND EXECUTED HY Tlll-L Th? sllver Hagen (abOve)' by the Bu-mmgham 
m;sw1c1c sci-loot. 0F INDUSTRIAL ARTS Gulld of Handmraft, 1s a vessel of sausfactory 


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