Volltext: The German work-student

 is no fuel for heating. The student's father, whom l intend to visit, is a native of  
 one of the German territories that have had to be given up to Poland and is there E 
 the principal of a school in a small town. He is able to send his son but a minimum  
 allowance. At first the young man gave private lessons, but now that his clothes  
 and linen have deteriorated so much he is no longer acceptable as a teacher. A kind  
 of board serves him as a bed. His table and chair are both broken. He sits,  
 with his torn overcoat on, writing in a cold room. The lectures and the tram-fares  
 are now beyond his means. He goes to the university on foot, an   
 walk, and squeezes himself into the lecture-room among the others, hoping to gain  
2 the indulgence of the professors. As he can buy no books, he copies summaries of  
5 them by the page and chapter. At last he dares no longer appear in the street,  
Z because his clothes are so shabby. As he can only seldom procure a sufficientmeal, i 
2 once a week at the most, he has become reduced to a skeleton. He sits in his hole i 
Z and copies out entire books. This tremendous expenditure of energy is for the sake i 
Z of his examination. He has been living like this for a year, and there remains another  
2 quarter-of-a-year before he has finished his studies. He is without a decent suit-  
Z of-clothes, without linen, quite dirty, and unsociable. My first sight of him gave me  
2 the impression of a street-robber. He constantly gesticulates, speaking to himself,  
2 as persons that live alone frequently do. He gives hasty, uncertain replies. He often  
2 seems as though he were not a quite normal person. Nevertheless he sticks closely  
i to his work for the medical examination so that he may return home as a qualified  
 physician. To help such heroes would be a deed worth while. g 
 Midday in a Berlin street. A young man, with a strikingly intelligent face and fine  
2 bearing, is dragging sacks from a cart to a cellar. There is an expression of bitterness 2 
E and contempt in his face. This is not the first time for me to see this thin, nervous 2 
Z figure; a few days ago l saw him in a shop in Unter den Linden carrying messages.  
 My attempt to get into conversation with him remained a long time fruitless. At  
 last l learnt that he is a law-student from Konigsberg and has nearly completed all E 
 his examinations. His mother, a widow, recently lost her life in a factory explosion. i 
 He himself was several times buried in the trenches and as a result suffers from E 
Z attacks of brain trouble, as many other ex-soldiers do. He is entirely without means  
E living on two plates of soup a day. He is a victim of fainting-fits and of mental  
 and bodily atrophy. As a consequence of under-feeding his nerves frequently fail  
 him and this has caused him twice to fail in his examination. After the second time  
 he was taken home unconscious and the authorities would not allow him to enter  
 for examination again. Nevertheless, he is endeavouring to continue his studies and  
2 hopes to be admitted eventually. He will probably perish in the treadmill of manual  
 labour through insufficient nourishment.  
 There are many Berlin students who can no longer afford to hire a room in a  
 private flat, but are obliged to live in so-called student homes, consisting of wooden  
 sheds formerly standing in the courtyards of the soldiers" barracks, or in large  


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