Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

The German work-student
Rohrbach, Paul
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5 Student Masons at Work, Hanover. E 
 perform the physical labour and do it well, although they are not accustomed to work  
 early and late, as the professional agricultural labourer is, till at last, tired and worked-  
5 out, they lie down on their beds of straw to wait for another day. Z 
2 The student must work all through the holidays, otherwise the economical foundation g 
 for the next term is too weak. In addition to his board and lodging, a working student 1 
i earns a hundredweight of rye in a month. If he saves three hundredweight of rye 2 
 in three months of holidays nobody will believe that one hundredweight is too ge- 3 
 nerous a measure for one month's provision, and certainly not the industrial wages  
 either, which indeed seem higher, but which continually depreciate in value. 2 
E When the holidays are over the student goes back to the university. Now at last Z 
2 he comes to his proper tasks. ln regard to his studies, the holiday time was but time  
 wasted, and the leap out of the occupation of a land labourer into that of a student  
 over his books is also too great that it can be made without trouble. But at last he  
5 is able to settle down to regular study. He is able to follow the lectures, to work  
E through his notes in the afternoon, and to make gradual progress. But now the de-  
 preciation in the value of the currency eats up the money that he has earned, and  
5 he is obliged to beg for free board, to limit his meals and to become even more  
5 saving than before. At last, nothing remains for him but to look out for more work.  
 50' he goes by train in the morning to a factory and comes back to town late in the  
 evening, or he sits in an office during the forenoon and studies in the afternoon. Thus  
 many students are able to attend lectures only in the evening. They sit over their  
 books late into the night. ls it a wonder, therefore, that they become less and less  
 capable of doing good work? And yet thousands of students have successfully carried  


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