Volltext: The German work-student

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E Arrival of the steamer "Hausa" with American food.  E 
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; The Wirtschaftshilfe der Deutschen Studentenschaft ; 
 at Dresden.  
 It will have become clear to those who have read the various chapters of this book  
Z contributed by German students and German professors, that the transformation of  
Z the German student of pre-war days, with his care-free nature and the almost exu- f 
E berant manifestation of his joy of living  into the work-student of today, garbed in 1 
Z working clothes and partaking of a frugal meal in one of the student canteens, has 5 
1  ' 
; by no means been brought about merely by the economic pressure of external con- f 
Z ditions, but is quite as much due to the conscious will of the students themselves. E 
Z The war had no sooner ended than the academic youth recognized the fact that it 5 
Q      Q 
E would be impossible to pursue their studies along the same lines as heretofore. The f 
Z      ; 
1 first efforts made to relieve the situation, however, were poorly organized. lt was not ; 
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Z until _]uly1921 at a meeting of the national organization called the"Deuiscr'ien Studenien- ; 
Z tag",  the Parliament, as it were, of the entire student body of Germany, to which ; 
E every university sends its representatives  that precise resolutions were adopted as i 
E to what was expected of the students in view of the present and anticipated exigen- 5 
E cies of the situation. This Parliament met in the Bavarian university city of Erlangen, and Z 
E these so-called "Erlanger Resolutions" are still in active force today. Self-aid is the Z 
.       6 
; outlying principle embodied in these resolutions: every student, unless, as is rarely Z 
Z the case, he belongs to a well-to-do family, is expected to earn the money for his Z 
Q 0 
; university studies by the work of his hands. In other words, the salvation of the Z 
E German student bod is to be achieved not b charit but b the conscious will- ? 
, y y! y 3 
E power and systematic organization of the students themselves. i 


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