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The Royal Academy from Reynolds to Millais
Holme, Charles
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Valentine Green, who follows now in chronological order, was a 
justly famous mezzotint-engraver, his work being so various in subject 
that his admirers never tire of it. Born at Hales Owen in 1739, he 
started in youth to read law ; but, forsaking this uncongenial pursuit 
for art, he began to study line engraving at Worcester, and then 
passed on to the more coloured processes of mezzotint. At the age 
of twenty-six he came to London, and soon proved that he was 
a thorough master of his craft. During the forty years of his 
working career he produced nearly four hundred plates, including an 
excellent selection from the pictures in the Dusseldorf Gallery. In 
I798, when the French laid siege to Dusseldorf, the Gallery and 
castle were destroyed, and thus Green's occupation there came to an 
end. He died in London in I813, leaving behind him, among his 
best works, no fewer than sixteen plates after Benjamin West and the 
same number of portraits after Sir Joshua Reynolds. Besides these, he 
engraved three hne works after Van Dyck, one of which, representing 
Henry Danvers, Earl Danby, will be found among the illustrations. 
One circumstance in the life of Francis Haward recalls to mind 
a similar piece of bad fortune in the life of John Browne. He died 
in poverty, leaving a widow, 'who, for two-and-forty years, received 
a pension from the Academy. Haward was born in 1759. In 
1776 he became a student at the Academy, and in I78 3 he was elected 
an Associate Engraver. He was a charming craftsman, gentle and 
suave in manner, full of tenderness, but sometimes too sweet and 
delicate. His most vigorous engraving is that of Mrs. Siddons as the 
Tragic Muse after Reynolds, while the Infbnt Academy after the 
same master is probably the most gracious among his prints. He 
had his home in Lambeth, and died there in 1797. Haward's 
contemporary, Joseph Collyer (b. 174.8), was another engraver who 
was fascinated by the genius of Reynolds, and who showed real 
penetration in his plates after Sir Joshua's Miss Palmer and the Girl 
with the Cat. The great painter himself was delighted with Collyer's 
interpretation of his Venus and Una, and Alderman Boydell had 
every reason to be pleased with the print of the Irish Volunteer: from 
the picture by F. Wheatley, R.A. Collyer's election as A.R.A. 
took place in I786. Collyer's pupil, James Heath (b. 1765, d. 
I 8 3 5), whose name is associated with the work he did after the designs 
of Stothard, followed his master in the taste he cultivated for book 
illustration, and every artist for whom he laboured found in him 
a ready and responsive interpreter. He turned out several large 
plates after pictures by the Academicians, like the Dead Soldier after 
Wright, the Death of Mlson after West, the Death of Major Pierson 
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