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Modern design in jewellery and fans
Holme, Charles
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for other objects, such as the bracelet, the watch, and the fan. I 
think it is very diHicult to rescue the bracelet from conventionality. 
We must hope the best for the future. But what about watch-cases, 
especially those of 1adies' watches? This art is quite neglected, not 
so much by the manufacturers as by the artists. At this year's 
Darmstadt Exhibition there Were two Watches displayed. One of 
them had the case enamelled, if I mistake not, in the form of a 
chrysanthemum, and on the other Was modelled the figure of one of 
the t" F ates." The eifect of the chrysanthemum watch was fairly 
good, but the less said about the " Fate " the better. Why is it not 
possible to design an ornament with taste and furnish it with 
precious stones and enamel? It is the greatest pity that our 
sculptors have no imagination. Having arrived at the determina- 
tion to think of a watch, the artist has no idea beyond depicting one 
of the " Fates " with the thread and the scissors. I saidjust now that 
the watch Was neglected less by the manufacturers than by the 
artists. Nowadays you may find watches indeed with gaily-coloured 
cases, but the decorations are miserable, like everything else that is 
invented by the manufacturers. They don't want to pay a good 
price for the artist's sketch, and they are proud of the inspiration of 
their own Muse. In this case one cannot avoid the conclusion that 
the artists are themselves to blame for their neglect of this branch 
of the jewellefs art. 
THE condition of aifairs with regard to the fan is also very 
astonishing. Why do our artists not supply our ladies with nice 
fans? Please do not confound "nice" with "precious." The 
fan as We know it now is so utterly "played out " that scarcely 
anything can be done with it. New arrangements ot the feathers 
are invented; the handle is trimmed in different Ways; new materials 
are used, but a really new and artistic idea cannot be devised. 
Titian's " Lady with the Fan " is admired; the fan is known very 
Well, but nobody thinks of making use of it. Meanwhile another 
kind of fan is being more and more extensively employed. I 
refer to the palm-leaf of the Japanese and the Chinese. People are 
very fond of being fanned by these leaves, but nobody observes their 
artistic possibilities. An artist who can afford to be independent or 
mere fashion is therefore Wanted to give new life to the fan. Such 
an artist Will Win lasting success.


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