Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
hoods. In one of the incidents of the romance of Reynard, the hero 
enters a monaitery and becomes a monk, in order to efcape the wrath of 
King Noble, the lion. For fome time he rnade an outward ihow of 
fanetity and felf-privation, but unknown to his brethren he fecretly helped 
himfelf freely to the good things of the  
monaftery. One day he obferved, with bl  W 0 
longing lips, a meifenger who brought  pf.  
four fat capons as a prefent from a lay  
neighbour to the abbot. That night,   
when all the monks had retired to reft.    if 
Reynard obtained admifiion to the larder,  ll! Q! 
regaled hirnfelf with one of the capons, K      -i    xx 
and as foon as he had eaten it, truifed  ii;  Ii"  Ls i_ l,qX ) 
the three others on his back, efcaped U" ,1;  ii; 1X1mv'I'.X 
fecretly from the abbey, and, throwing 4; ii     X 
away his monattic garment, hurried  [  M,  
home with his prey. We might almoft  X34 I10 i  
imagine our cut N 0. 47, taken from one  lg   ii Wm 
of the {talls of the church of Nantwich,  
in Chethire, to have been intended to N0-47-  
reprefent this incident, or, at leall, a iimilar one. Our next cut, No. 48, 


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