Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature and 
the illuminations of mauufcripts, and in other objects of art. The popular 
feeling againft the clergy was itrong in the middle ages, and no caricature 
was received with more favour than thofe which expofed the immorality 
or diihonelty of a monk or a prieft. Our cut No. 45 is taken from a 
fculpture in the church bf Chriftchurch, in 
 Hampihire, for the drawing of which I am 
 indebted to my friend, Mr. Llewellynn 
 Jewitt. It reprefents Reynard in the pulpit 
 preaching; behind, or rather perhaps beflde 
 Xi  him, a diminutive cock Itands upon a {tool 
   -in modern times We fhould be inclined 
(9  imp to fay he was acting as clerk. Reynard's 
  1" A collume confifis merely of the eccleflaltical 
J  hood or cowl. Such fubjeets are frequently 
 K M I, Q iql found on the carved feats, or mifereres, in 
 [Iv the ftalls of the old cathedrals and collegiate 
 4 churches. The painted glafs of the great 
  window of the north crofs-aifle of St. Martin's 
 45;"  church in Leiceiter, which was deftroyed in 
Nth 45_ The Fax in Me Pawn the laft century, reprefented the fox, in the 
character of an ecclefiaitic, preaching to a 
congregation of geefe, and addrefiing them in the words--Tcgjiis qfi mihi 
Deus, guam cupiam. vos omnes vifceribus meis (God is Witnefs. how I 
defire you all in my bowels), a parody on the words of the New 
Tefiamentfi Our cut No. 4.6 is taken from one of the mifereres in the 
church of St. Mary, at Beverley, in Yorklhire. Two foxes are reprefented 
in the difguife of ecclefiaitics, each furniihed with a paftoral Hail, and 
they appear to be receiving inltructions from a prelate or perfonage of 
rank-perhaps they are undertaking a pilgrimage of penance. But their 
flncerity is rendered fomewhat doubtful by the geefe concealed in their 
" An engraving of this scene, modernised in character, is given in Niclipls-"s 
" Leicestershire," vol. i. plate 43.


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