Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
of breath, or, in other Words, till he is ready to burfi; and, while afking 
if anger be not among the fins he had colleiicd, propofes to treat him 
with fomething to drink- 
Primus daemon. Peafze, I pray tbs, befille; I lnglze tlzat I lzynie. 
I; ogbze ire in tlzi bill: ? and then falle thou drynke.--Towneley Mysteries, p. 309. 
Ancl in the continuation of the converfation, one telling of the events 
which had preceded the announcement of Doomfday says, rather jeeringly, 
and fomewhat exultingly, " Souls came f0 thick now of late to hell, that 
our porter at hell gate is ever held fo clofe at Work, up early and down 
late, that he never refts  
Saules camfo tlryla new late unto 11:11:, 
As e-ver 
Ours porter at llelle gate 
Is lzaldenjzjrate, 
Up erly and do-zone late, 
He ryjiys newer.-11),, P, 314, 
With fuch popular notions on the fubject, we have no reafon to be 
furprifed that the artifts of the middle ages frequently chofe the figures of 
demons as objeets on which to exercife their {kill in burlefque and carica- 
ture, that they often introduced grotefque figures of their heads and bodies 
in the fculptured ornamentation of building, and that they prefented them 
in ludicrous fituations and attitudes in their pictures. They are often 
brought in as fecondary aftors in a picture in a very fingular manner, of 
which an excellent example is furnilhed by the beautifully illuminated 
manufcript known as " Queen Mary's Pfalter," which is copied'in our cut 
No. 43. Nothing is more certain than that in this inltance the intention 
of the artift was perfectly ferious. Eve, under the iniiuence of a rather 
fingularly formed ferpent, having the head of a beautiful woman and the 
body of a dragon, is plucking the apples and offering them to Adam, who 
is preparing to eat one, with evident hefitation and reluctance. But three 
demons, downright hobgoblins, appear as fecondary actors in the fcene, 
who exercife an influence upon the principals. One is patting Eve on 


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