Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
the piece. The love of burlefque and caricature was, indeed, fo deeply 
Planted in the popular mind, that it was found uecetfary to introduce 
them even in pious works, in which fuch fcenes as the {laughter of the 
innocents, where the "knights" and the women abufed each other in 
vulgar language, the treatment of Chritt at the time of His trial, forne 
parts of the fcene of the crucifixion, and the day of judgment, were 
effentially comic. The laft of thefe fubjeets, efpecially, was a fceue of 
mirth, becaufe it often confilted throughout of a coarfe fatire on the vices 
of the age, efpecially on thofe which were mott obnoxious to the populace, 
fuch as the pride and vanity of the higher ranks, and the extortions and 
frauds of ufurers, bakers, taverners, and others. In the play of "Juditium," 
or the day of doom, in the "Towneley Myiteries," one of the earlieit 
collections of myfteries in the Englilh language, the whole converfhtion 
among the demons is exactly of that joking kind which we might expect 
from their countenances in the pictures. VVhen one of them appears 
carrying a bag full of ditferent offences, another, his companion, is fo 
joyful at this circumitance, that he fays it makes him laugh till he is out 


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