Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf C aricafure 
reprefents the entrance to the fhades, the rnonftrous mouth, with its 
keepers, in Hill more grotefque forms. Our cut No. 42 gives but a 
fmall portion of this piriture, in which the porter of the regions of puni{h- 
ment is fitting aftride the Ihout of the monftrous mouth, and is founding 
with a trumpet what may be fuppofed to be the call for thofe who are 
condemned. Another minftre] of the fame It:-imp, fpurred, though not 
booted, {its aftride the tube of the trumpet, playing on the bagpipes; and 
the found which iffues from the former inftrument is reprefented by a 
hoft of fmaller imps who are fcattering themfelves about. 
It muft not be fuppofed that, in fubje6ts like thete, the drollery of the 
fcene was accidental; but, on the contrary, the mediaeval artifts and 
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IVO. I. The GuarzZ'iar1: 0 IIel1M0utl1. 
popular writers gave them this chara6Ier purpofely. The demons and 
the executioners-the latter of whom were called in Latin tortores, and 
in popular old Englifh phrafeology the " tormentours "_were the comic 
characters of the time, and the fcenes in the old myfferies or religious 
plays in which they were introduced were the comic fccnes, or farce, of 


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