Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
duke Richard Sanf- 
Peur. There was a monk of the abbey of St. Ouen, who alfo held the 
oflice of facriftan, but, negleeting the duties of his pofition, entered into 
an intrigue with a lady who dwelt in the neighbourhood, and was accull 
tomed at night to leave the abbey fecretly, and repair to her. His place 
as facriflan enabled him thus to leave the houfe unknown to the other 
brethren. On his Way, he had to pafs the little river Robec, by means 
of a plank or wooden bridge, and one night the demons, who had been 
watching him on his errand of fin, caught him on the bridge, and threw 
him over into the water, where he was drowned. One devil feized his 
foul, and would have carried it away, but an angel came to claim him on 
account of his good actions, and the difpute ran fo high, that duke 
Richard, whofe piety was as great as his courage, was called in to decide 
it. The fame manufcript from which our lafc out was taken has furnilhed 
our cut No. 37, which reprefents two demons tripping up the monk, and 
T112 11402115": Dillzjlzn 
throwing him very unceremonioufly into the river. The body of one of 
the demons here aifnrnes the form of an animal, inflead of taking, 
like the other, that of a man, and he is, moreover, furnifhed with a 
dragon's wings. There was one veriion of this ftory, in which it found 
its place among the legends of the Virgin Mary, inllead of thofe of duke 
Richard. The monk, in fpite of his failings, had been a conltant 


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