Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

in Literature and Art. 
difappeared from their fight. The monks believed that it was all a 
deception of the evil one, while the facriftan, who was not inclined to 
brave his difpleafure a fecond time, performed faithfully his part of the 
contratit, and made a devil who did not look ugly. In another VBYHOII Of 
the Itory, however, it ends differently. After the third warning, the 
monk went in dehance of the devil, and made his pieture uglier than 
ever; in revenge for which the demon came unexpeitedly and broke the 
ladder on which he was mounted at his work, whereby the monk would 
undoubtedly have been killed. But the Virgin, to whom he was much 
devoted, came to his afiifiance, and, feizing him with her hand, and 
holding him in the air, difappointed the devil of his purpofe. It is this 
latter ddnouement which is reprefented in the cut No. 36, taken from the 
   ll: W2 
73' '3  
0. 36. The Pm, Sc: bl 
celebrated manufcript in the Britilh Mufeum known as " Queen Mary's 
Pfalter" (MS. Reg. 2 B vii.). The two demons employed here prefent, 
well defined, the air of Inirthful jollity which was evidently derived from 
the popular hobgoblins. 
There was another popular Rory, which alfo was told under feveral 


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