Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Hiliary of Caricature and Grotefgue 
never feen fo ugly a figure either in fculpture or in painting, or one which 
had fo repuliive an appearance, or a devil which was a better likenefis 
than the one this monk had made for them  
Si borriblesfk etji lez, 
Que tnjfiauz tel: gut I2 wkient 
Sear leurjirement afkrmaient 
Ne en mills ne en peinture, 
N 'a-zmient 3 nuljor -vfue, 
Qlgiji Euji [aide 've?1e, 
Que til moine: leur  Fabliaux, tom.  p. 414. 
The demon hirnfelf now took offence at the at-Front which had been put 
upon him, and appearing the night following to the facrittan, reproziched 
him with having made him fo ugly, and enjoined him to break the 
fculpture, and execute another reprefenting him better looking, on pain 
of very fevere punithment; but, although this viiit was repeated thrice, 
the pious monk refufed to comply. The evil one now began to work in 
another way, and, by his cunning, he drew the facriilan into a difgraceful 
amour with a lady of the neighbourhood, and they plotted not only to 
elope together by night, but to rob the monaitery of its treafure, which 
was of courfe in the keeping of the facriftan. They were difcovered, and 
caught in their flight, laden with the treafure, and the unfaithful facriflan 
was thrown into prifon. The fiend now appeared to him, and promifed 
to clear him out of all his trouble on the mere condition that he {hould 
break his ugly flatue, and make another reprefenting him as looking 
handfome-a bargain to which the facriftan acceded without further 
hefitation. It would thus appear that the demons did not like to be 
reprefented ugly. In this cafe, the fiend immediately took the form and 
place of the facrillan, while the latter went to his bed as if nothing had 
happened. When the other monks found him there next morning, and 
heard him difclaim all knowledge of the robbery or of the prifon, they 
hurried to the latter place, and found the devil in chains-,who, when they 
attempted to exorcife him, behaved in a very turbulent manner, and 


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