Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
fight-and he beheld feated on the largeii barrel, a devil, who was " b1aCk 
and hideous." 
Vii an diable faer dqfus 
Le trejzr, noir ct lzidus_- 
-Life of S. Edward, 1. 944. 
An early illuminator, in a manufcript preferved in the library of Trinity 
College, Cambridge (MS. Trin. Col., B x. 2), has left us a pictorial 
reprefentation of this fcene, from which I copy his notion of the form of 
the demon in cut N0. 35. The general idea is evidently taken from the 
figure of the goat, and the relationthip between the demon and the 
clallical fatyr is very evident. 
Uglinels was an effential characterittic of the demons, and, moreover, 
their features have ufually a mirthful catt, as though they greatly enjoyed 
their occupation. There is a mediaeval Iiory of a young monk, who was 
facritian to an abbey, and had the directions of the building and orna- 
mentation. The carvers of {tone were making admirable reprefentations 
of hell and paradife, in the former of which the demons "feemed to take 
great delight in Well tormenting their victims  
Qui par_femb]ar1t_fE delimit 
En ce gue bien le: tarmenroit. 
The Ihcrilian, who watched the fculptors every day, was at lafl moved by 
pious zeal to try and imitate them, and he fet to work to make a devil 
himfelf, with fuch fuccefk, that his fiend was fo black and ugly that 
nobody could look at it without terror. 
Tan! qzfun deizlzle ifkre emprjl ; 
Si 1' [21 paine et fz cure, 
Qqe la farmefufi o_fZ-ure 
Etfi Iaide, Que ail dautqfi 
Que entre deu: oilz lfjzgardaf. 
The facrifian, encouraged by his fuccefk-for It muff be underflood that 
his art was a fudden infpiration (as he had not been an artift before)_ 
continued his work till it was completed, and then "it was fo horrible 
 and lb ugly, that all who faw it affirmed upon their oaths that they had 


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