Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f C aricazure 
Anglo-Saxon, and is furnifhed by the manufcript in the Britifh Mufeum 
already mentioned (MS. Cotton., Tiberius C vi.) It probably reprefents 
young David killing the lion, and is remarkable not only for the Itrange 
pofture and bad proportions of the man, but for the tranquillity of the 
animal and the exaggerated and violent aition of its flayer. This is very 
commonly the cafe in the mediaeval drawings and fculptures, the artifls 
apparently poffelling far lets [kill in reprefenting a6tion in an animal than 
in man, and therefore more rarely attempting it. Thefe illuftrations are 
both taken from illuminated manufcripts. The two which follow are 
furnifhed by fculptures, and are of a rather later date than the preceding. 
The abbey of St. George of Bofcherville, in the diocefe of Auxerre (in 
Normandy); was founded by Ralph de Tancarville, one of the minifters 
of William the Conqueror, and therefore in the latter half of the eleventh 
century. A hillory of this religious houfe was publifhed by a clever local 
antiquary-M. Achille Deville-from whofe work we take our cut N0. 33,


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