Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

told its mother, that the infant which had originated in fnow, had melted 
away under a hotter fun. Some of thefe {tories originated in the 
different collections of fables, which were part of the favourite literature 
of the later Roman period. Another is rather a ridiculous Itory of an 
afs belonging to two filters in a nunnery, which was devoured by a 
Wolff? It is curious how foon the mediaeval clergy began to imitate 
their pagan predeceffors in parodying religious fubjects and forms, of 
which we have one or two very curious examples. Vifits to purgatory, 
hell, and paradife, in body or fpirit, were greatly in faihion during the 
earlier part of the middle ages, and afforded extremely good material 
for fatire. In a metrical Latin ftory, preferved in a manufcript of the 
eleventh century, we are told how a "prophet," or vifionary, went to 
Heriger, archbifhop of Nfayence from 912 to 926, and told him that 
he had been carried in a vifion to the regions below, and defcribed them 
as a place furrounded by thick Woods. It was the Teutonic notion of 
hell, and indeed of all fettlements of peoples; and Heriger replied 
with a fneer that he would fend his herdfmen there with his lean fwine 
to fatten them. Each "mark," or land of a family or clan, in the 
early" Teutonic fettlements, was furrounded by woodland, which was 
common to all members of the clan for fattening their fwine and 
hunting. The falfe dreamer added, that he was afterwards carried to 
heaven, where he faw Chrift fitting at the table and eating. John the 
Baptifi; was butler, and ferved excellent wine round to the faints, who 
were the Lord's guefts. St. Peter was the chief cook. After fome 
remarks on the appointments to thefe two offices, archbiihop Heriger 
aiked the informant how he was received in the heavenly hall, where he 
fat, and what he eat. He replied that he fat in a corner, and frole from 
the cooks a piece of liver, which he eat, and then departed. Inftead of 
rewarding him for his information, Heriger took him Q11 his Own confefiion 
"1 This, and the metrical story next referred to, were printed in the "Altdcutsche 
Bleitter," edited by Moriz Haupt and Heinrich Hoffmann vol. i. pp. 390 39; to 
whom I communicated them from a manuscript in the,University Liibrari at 
Cambridge. Y


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