Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
3 8 Hgnory 
Pompeii was greatly damaged by an earthquake, and fixteen years later 
came the eruption of Vefuvius, which buried the town, and left it in the 
condition in which it is now found. 
This curious caricature belongs to a clafs of monuments to which 
archaeologifts have given technically the Italian name of grqj]Wi, fcratches 
or fcrawls, of which a great number, coniifting chiefly of writing, have 
been found on the walls of Pompeii. They alfo occur among the remains 
on other Roman fires, and one found in Rome itfelf is efpecially intereft- 
Q S x )2? 
Is  Q? 
ing. During the alterations and extenf1ons which were made from time 
to time in the palace of the Caefars, it had been found neceilary to build 
acrofs a narrow ltreet which interferited the Palatine, and, in order to give 
fupport to the ftrufture above, a portion of the Prreet was walled oft; and 
remained thus hermetically fealed until about the year 1857, when fome 
excavations on the fpot brought it to view. The walls of the Hreet were 
found to be covered with thele grqfiti, among which one attradted efpecial 
attention, and, having been carefully removed, is now preferved in the 
muieum of the Collegio Romano. It is a caricature upon a Chriftian 


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