Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
fuch as " The Political Houfe that Jack built," " The Political Showman 
at Home," and others upon the trial of queen Caroline; but this fort of 
work fuited the tafte of the public at that time, and not that of the artilt, 
which layin another direction. The ambition of George Cruikthank was 
to draw what Hogarth called moral comedies, pictures of fociety carried 
through a feries of acts and fcenes, always pointed with fome great moral; 
and it mutt be confeifed that he has, through a long career, fucceeded 
admirably. He poiietfes more of the true (pirit of Hogarth than any 
other artift fince Hogartlfs time, with greater ikill in drawing. He 
poH'eH'es, even to a greater degree than Hogarth himfelf, that admirable 
talent of filling a pieture with an immenfe number of figures, every one 
telling a part of the Itory, without which, however minute, the whole 
picture would feem to us incomplete. The pieture of the " Camp at 
Vinegar Hill," and one or two other illuflrations to Maxwell's " Hiftory 
of the Trifh Rebellion in I798," are equal, if not fuperior, to anything 
ever produced by Hogarth or by Callot. 
The name of George Cruikfhank forms a worthy conclufion to the 
" Hiliory of Caricature and Grotetilue." He is the laft reprefentative of 
the great fchool of caricaturitts formed during the reign of George III. 
Though there can hardly be faid to be a fchool at the prefent day, yet 
our modern artitts in this field have been all formed more or leis under 
his influence; and it mutt not be forgotten that we owe to that 
influence, and to his example, to a great degree, the cleanhng of this 
branch of art from the objectionable charaeterittics of which I have on 
more than one occation been obliged to fpeak. May he [till live long 
among the friends who not only admire him for his talents, but love 
him for his kindly and genial fpirit; and none among them love and 
admire him more fincerely than the author of the prefent volume. 


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