Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

qf Caricature 
Another Irifhman pulls the bull by the tail, with the lament, " Ah, 
malther, honey, why will you be after leaving us P What will become of 
poor Shelagh. and all of us, when you are gone P" It is a regular Irith 
cafe of abduftion. 
The lafc example I {hall give of the caricatures of Ifaac Cruikfhank is 
the copy of one entitled "The Farthing Rullilight," which, I need hardly 
fay, is a parody on the fubjeot of a well-known tong. The rufhlight is 
the poor old king, George, whom the prince ot Wales and his Whig 
a[Tociates, Fox, Sheridan, and others, are labouring in vain to blow out. 
The lateit caricature I polfeis, bearing the initials of Ifaztc Cruikihank, 
was publiihed by Fores, on the 19th of April, 1810, and is entitled, " The 
Laft Grand Miniiterial Expedition (on the Street, Piccadilly)." The 
fubject is the riot on the arreit of fir Francis Burdett, and it {hows that 
Cruikfhank was at this time caricaturing on the radical tide in politics. 
Ifaac Cruikfhank left two fons who became ditiinguifhed as caricaturilis, 
George, already mentioned, and Robert. George Cruiklhank, who is 
ftill amongit us,_has railed caricature in art to perhaps the higheti degree 
of excellence it has yet reached. He began as a political caricaturift, in 
imitation of his father Ifaac-in fact the two brothers are underilood to 


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