Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art
Wright, Thomas Fairholt, Frederick William
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and Art. 
There is a rare caricature on the fubjeit of the Irifh union, which 
exhibits a little of the Pcyle of Ifaac Cruiklhank, and a copy of which is 
in the poffeflion of Mr. Fairholt. From this I have taken merely the 
group which forms our cut No. 236. It is at long print, dated on the 
Ill of January, I800, and is entitled "The Triumphal entry of the Union 
Cujk qf flbduffion, 
into London." Pitt, with a paper entitled "Irifh Freedom ' in his 
pocket, is carrying offthe young lady (Ireland) by force, with her natural 
accompaniment, a keg of whilky. The lord chancellor of Ireland (lord 
Clare) {its on the horfe and performs the part of fiddler. In advance of 
this group are a long rabble of radicals, Irilhmen, 8zc.. while clofe behind 
comes Grattan, carried in a fedan-chair, and earneltly appealing to the 
lady, "Ierne, Ierne! my fweet maid, lilten not to him--he's a falfe, 
flattering, gay deceiver." Still farther in the rear follows St. Patrick, 
riding on a bull, with a fack of potatoes for his laddle and playing on 
the Irifh harp. An Irithman expofrulates in the followi 1g words-" Ah, 
long life to your holy reverencels memory, why will you lave your own 
nate little kingdom, and go to another where they will tink no more of 
you then they would of an old brogue? Shure, of all the faints in the 
red letter calendar, we give you the preference! och hone! och hone 1" 


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