Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
tion. Yet Cruiktlianlis caricatures on the lrifh union were rather oppofed 
to minifters. One of thefe, publilhed on the zoth of June, 1800, is full 
of humour. It is entitled " A Flight acrofs the Herring Pond." Eug- 
land and Ireland are feparated by a rough fea, over which a crowd of 
Irilt " patriots " are Hying, allured by the pr0f'pe6t of honours and rewards. 
On the Irifh fhore, a few wretched natives, with a baby and ta dog, are in 
an attitude of prayer, expollulating with the fugitives,-" Och, och ! do 
not leave us-coulider your old houfe, it will look like a big wallnut-[hell 
without a kernel." On the Euglifh lliore, Pitt is holding open the 
" Imperial Pouch," and welcoming them,--" Come on, my little fellows, 
there's plenty of room for you all-the budget is not half full." Infide 
the " pouch " appears a hoft of men covered with honours and dignities, 
one of whom fays to the foremoilz of the Irifh candidates for favour, 
" Very fnug and convenient, brother, I allure you." Behind Pitt, Dundas, 
feated on a pile of public offices united in his perfon, calls out to the 
immigrants, " If you've ony confciences at a', here's enugh to fatisfy 
ye  A portion of this clever caricature is reprefented in our cut 
N0. 235. 


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