Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
are {lowing in from every quarter-this profpeft alone is worth all the 
money you have got about you." Accordingly, the ihowman abfiraets 
the fame money from his pocket, while John Bull, unconfcious of the 
theft, exclaims with furprife, "Mayhap it may, mailer fhowman, but I 
canna Zee ony thing like what you mentions,-I zees nothing but a 
Tlze Rare:-Slmw. 
woide plain, with fome mountains and molehills upon't-as fure as a gun,  
it mutt be all behoind one of thofe  The Hag of the {how is infcribed,  
" Licenfed by authority, Billy Hum's grand exhibition of moving 
mechanifm; or, deception of the fenfes." 
In a caricature with the initials of I. C., and publifhed on the zoth of 
June, 1797, Fox is reprefented as " The Watchman of the State," 
ironically, of courfe, for he is betraying the truft which he had 0(tenta-  
tioufly affumed, and abfenting hirnfelf at the moment when his agents  
are putting the match to the train they have laid to blow up the conftitu-


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