Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Qf C aricurure 
Mr. Fairholt; it reprefents a party of antiquaries engaged in important 
excavations. N 0 doubt the ngures were intended for well-known archae- 
ologiits of the day. 
Thomas Rowlandfon died in poverty, in lodgings in the Adelphi, on 
the zznd of April, I827. 
Among the moft active caricaturilis of the beginning of the prefent 
century we mutt not overlook Ifaac Cruiklhank, even if it were only 
becaufe the name has become fo celebrated in that of his more talented 
fon. Ifaac's caricatures, too, were equal to thofe of any of his contem- 
poraries, after Gillray and Rowlandfon. One of the earlielt examples 
which I have feen bearing the well-known initials, I. C., was publifhed 
on the Ioth of March, 1794, the year in which George Cruikfhank was 
born, and probably, therefore, when Ilaac was quite a young man. It is 
entitled "A Republican Belle," and is an evident imitation of Gillray. 
In another, dated the Iii of November, I795, Pitt is reprefented as " The 
Royal Extinguifher," putting out the Hame of " Sedition." Ifaac Cruik- 
(hank publiihed many prints anonymouily, and among the numerous cari- 
catures of the latter end of the lail century we meet with many which 
have no name attached to them, but which refemble fo exactly his known 
flyle, that we can hardly hefitate in afcribing them to him. It will be 
remarked that in his acknowledged works he caricatures the oppohtion; 
but perhaps, like other caricaturifts of his time, he worked privately for 
anybody who would pay him, and was as willing to work againlt the 
government as for it, for molt of the prints which betray their author only 
by their {tyle are caricatures on Pitt and his meafures. Such is the group 
given in our cut No. 234, which was publilhed on the 15th of Auguft, 
1797, at a time when there were loud complaints agaiufi the burthen of 
taxation. It is entitled " Billy's Raree-Show; or, John Bull En-lighten'd," 
and reprefents Pitt, in the character of a ihowman, exhibiting to John 
Bull, and picking his pocket while his attention is occupied with the 
fhow. Pitt, in a true Ihowman's fiyle, lays to his vicliin, " Now, pray 
lend your attention to the enchanting profpect before you,-this is the 
profpect of peace--only obferve what a bufy fcene prefents itfelf-the 
ports are tilled with ihipping, the quays loaded with merchandife, riches 


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