Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Literature and Art. 
tlioughtleiiiiefs. Ackermann not only employed him in etching the 
drawings of other caricaturilis, efpecially of Bunbury, but in furnifhing 
illuftrations to books, fuch as the feveral feries of Dr. Syntax, the " New 
Dance of Death," and others. Rowlandfon's illuftrations to editions of 
the older Ptandard novels, fuch as "Tom Jones," are remarkably clever. 
In transferring the works of other caricaturitls to the copper, Rowlandlbn 
was in the habit of giving his own Ptyle to them to fuch a degree, that 
nobody would fufpeet that they were not his own, if the name of the 
deligner were not attached to them. I have given one example of this 
in a former chapter, and another very curious one is furnifhed by a print 
now before me, entitled "Anglers of 181 I," which bears only the name 
" H. Bunbury del.," but which is in every particular a perfeet example of 
the Iiyle of Rowlandlbn. During the latter part of his life Rowlandfon 
amufed himfelf with making an immenfe number of drawings which were 
never engraved, but many of which have been preferved and are {till 
found fcattered through the portfolios of colle6tors. Thefe are generally 
better finifhed than his etchings, and are all more or lefs burlefque. Our 
cut No. 233 is taken from one of thefe drawings, in the poffefiion of 


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