Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

given in our cut N0. 232, taken from a print publiihed on the 1ft of 
January, I796, under the title of "Anything will do for an Officer." 
People complained of the mean appearance of the officers in our armies, 
who obtained their rank, it was pretended, by favour and purchafe rather 
A Made] Cjicer, 
than by merit; and this caricature is explained by an infcription beneath, 
which informs us how " Some fchool-boys, who were playing at foldiers, 
found one of their number fo ill-made, and fo much under iize, that he 
would have (.li5l'lgl1I'8d the whole body if put into the ranks. 'Wh-at 
{hall we do with him? ' aiked one. 'Do with him?' fays another, 
' why make an oiiicer of him." " This plate is infcribed with his name, 
" Rowlandfon fecit." 
_At this time Rowlandfon fiill continued to work for Fores, but before 
the end of the century we {incl him working for Ackermann, of the 
Strand, who continued to be his friend and employer during the reft of 
his life, and is faid to have helped him generoufly in many ditiiculties. 
In thefe, indeed, he was continually involved by his ditiipation and 


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