Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
the lit of January, I794, under the title of " Englith Curiohty; or, the 
foreigner flared but of countenance." An individual, in a foreign coftume, 
is feated in the front row of the boxes of a theatre, probably intended 
for the opera, where he has become the objenit of curiofity of the whole 
audience, and all eyes are eagerly direeted upon him. The faces of the 
men are rather coarfely groteique, but thofe of the ladies, two of which 
are given in our cut No. 230, poifelis a coniiderable degree of refinement. 
He appears, however, to have been naturally a man of no real refine- 
ment, who eahly gave himfelf up to low and vulgar taftes, and, as his 
caricature became more exaggerated and coarfe, his females became lef-s 
and lefs graceful, until his model of female beauty appears to have been 
reprefented by fomething like a fat oyfler-woman. Our cut No. 231, 
Tlze .Trumpz! and Bzfjaon. 
taken from a print in the poffefhon ot Mr. Fairholt, entitled, " The 
Trumpet and Balloon," prefents a good example of Rowlandlbn's broad 
humour, and Qfhls favourite models of the human face. We can almoit 
fancy we hear the different tones of this brace of lhorers. 
A good example of Rowland(on's grotefques of the human Hgure is 


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