Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
when the elections had commenced, and is entitled, " The Hanoverian 
Horfe and Britilh Lion--a Scene in a new Play, lately afted in Weft- 
miniter, with diftinguilhed applaufe. A61 2nd, Scene laft." At the 
back of the picture Itands the vacant throne, with the intimation, " We 
{hall refume our fituation here at pleafure, Leo Rex." In front, the 
Hanoverian horfe, unbridled, and without faddle, neighs "  
rogative," and is trampling on the fafeguard of the conftitution, while it 
kicks out violently the "faithful commons" (alluding to the recent dif- 
folution of parliament). Pitt, on the back of the horfe, cries, " Bravo  
go it again l-I love to ride a mettled Reed; fend the vagabonds 
packing!" Fox appears on the other tide of the pifture, mounted on the 
Britilh lion, and holding a whip and bridle in his hand. He fays to Pitt, 
" Prithee, Billy, diiinount before ye get a fall, and let fome abler jockey 
take your feat;" and the lion oblerves, indignantly, but with gravity, 
" If this horfe is not tamed, he will foon be abfolute king of our forefl." 
If thefe prints are correctly afcribed to Rowlandfon, we fee him here 
fairly entered in the lifts of political caricature, and fiding with Fox and 
the Vifhig party. He difplays the fame boldnels in attacking the king 
and his minitters which was difplayed by Gillray-a boldnefs that pro- 
bably did much towards preferving the liberties of the country from what 
was no doubt a refolute attempt to trample upon them, at a time when 
caricature formed a very powerful weapon. Before this time, however, 
Rowlandfoifs pencil had become practifecl in thole burlefque pietures of 
focial life for which he became afterwards fo celebrated. At firli he 
feems to have publilhed his defigns under Hititious names, and one now 
before me, entitled " The Tythe Pig," bears the early date of I786, with 
the name of " Wigftead," no doubt an afihmed one, which is found on 
fome others of his early prints. It reprefents the country parfon, in his 
own parlour, receiving the tribute of the tithe pig from an interefiing 
looking farmer's wife. The name of Rowlandfon, with the date 1792, 
is attached to a very clever and humorous etching which is now alfo 
before me, entitled " Cold Broth and Calamity," and reprefenting a party 
of ikaters, who have fallen in a heap upon the ice, which is breaking 
under their weight. It bears the name of Fores as publitlier. From 


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