Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

0f Caricature 
caricatures thus afcribed to Rowlandfon belong to the year 1784, 
when he was twenty-eight years of age, and relate to the diilhlution of 
parliament in that year, the refult of which was the eilablifhment of 
William Pitt in power. The firit, publilhed on the Itth of March, is 
entitled "The Champion of the People." Fox is reprefented under this 
title, armed with the fword of Juitice and the Ihield of Truth, combat- 
ing the many-headed hydra, its mouths refpectively breathing forth 
"Tyranny," "Affumed Prerogative," "DeI'potifm," "Oppreilion," " Secret 
Innuence," " Scotch Politics," " Duplicity," and " Corruption." Some 
of thefe heads are already cut off. The Dutchman, Frenchman, and 
other foreign enemies are feen in the background, dancing round the 
ftandard of " Sedition." Fox is fupported by numerous bodies of Engliih 
and Iriihmen, the Englith fhouting, "While he protects us, we will 
fupport him." The Iriih, " He gave us a free trade and all we atked; 
he {hall have our firm fupport." Natives of India, in allufion to his un- 
fuccefsful India Bill, kneel by his tide and pray for his fuccefs. The 
fecond of thefe caricatures was publithed on the 26th of March, and is 
entitled " The State Auction." Pitt is the au6tioneer, and is reprefented 
as knocking down with the hammer of "prerogative" all the valuable 
articles of the conftitution. The clerk is his colleague, Henry Dundas, 
who holds up a weighty lot, entitled, " Lot I. The Rights of the People." 
Pitt calls to him, "Show the lot this way, Harry-a'going, a'going- 
fpeak quick, or it's gone-hold up the lot, ye Dund-alisl" The clerk 
replies in his Scottifh accent, "I can hould it na higher, iir." The Whig 
members, under the title of the " chofen reprefenters," are leaving the 
auction room in difcouragement, with reflections in their mouths, fuch as, 
"Adieu to Liberty!" " Defpair not!" " Now or never!" While Fox 
{lands firm in the caufe, and exclaims-"I am determined to bid with 
fpirit for Lot 1; he lhall pay dear for it that outbids me l" Pitt's Tory 
fupporters are ranged under the auctioneer, and are called the " here- 
ditary virtuofis  and their leader, who appears to be the lord chancellor, 
addreiles them in the words, " Mind not the nonfenfical biddings of thofe 
common fellows." Dundas remarks, "VVe thall get the fupplies by this 
fale." The third of thefe caricatures is dated on the 31ft of March, 


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