Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
and Grotejyue 
probably another in the other hand, Ib that he could {trike them together. 
He wears the fuccus, or low {hoe peculiar to the comic aotors. This 
butfoon was a favourite character among the Romans, who introduced 
him confiantly into their feafis and {upper parties. The manducus was 
another charatiter of this defcription, reprefented with a grotefque matk, 
prefenting a wide mouth and tongue lolling out, and faid to have been 
peculiar to the Atellane plays. A character in Plautus (Rud., ii. 6, 51) 
talks of hiring himfelf as a manclucus in the plays. 
" Q4111 f aliquo ad ludos me pro manduco lacem  " 
The mediaeval gl0H'es interpret manducus by joculatm", "a jogelor," and 
add that the charaiieriiiic from which he took his name was the praiiiice 
of making grimaces like a man gobbling up his food in a vulgar and 
gluttonous manner. 
Ficoroni gives, from an engraved onyx, a iigure of another burlelilue 
performer, copied in our cut N0. I8, and which he compares to the 
Roman Tam Fan]. 
Catanian dancer of his time (his book was publilhed in 1754.), who was 
called a giangurgolo. This is confidered to reprefent the Roman mzmus, 
a clalk of performers who told with mimicry and aelion fcenes taken from 


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