Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

of Caricature 
the other feizing upon the prince's coronet, from which he is plucking 
the feathers. Among other good caricatures on this occafion, perhaps 
the finefl is a parody on Fufeli's picture of " The Weird Sifters," in which 
Dundas, Pitt, and Thurlow, as the filters, are contemplating the moon, 
the bright tide of whofe difc reprefents the face of the queen, and the 
other that of the king, overcalt with mental darknefs. Gillray took a 
ftrongly holtile view of the French revolution, and produced an immenie 
number of caricatures againlt the French and their rulers, and their 
friends, or fuppofed friends, in this country, during the period extending 
from I790 to the earlier years of the prefent century. Through all the 
changes of miniitry or policy, he feems to have fixed himfelf [irongly ou 
individuals, and he ieldorn ceafed to caricature the perfon who had once 
provoked his attacks. So it was with the lord chancellor Thurlow, who 
became the butt of favage fatire in fome of his prints which appeared in 
I792, at the time when Pitt forced him to refign the chancellorihip. 
Among thefe is one of the boldeit caricatures which he ever executed. 
It is a parody, fine almoli to fublirnity, on a well-known fcene in Milton, 
and is entitled, " Sin, Death, and the Devil." The queen, as Sin, rufhes 
to feparate the two combatants, Death (in the femblance of Pitt) and 
Satan (in that of Thurlow). During the latter part of the century Gillray 
caricatured all parties in turn, whether minifterial or oppofition, with 
indifcriminate vigour; but his holtility towards the party of Fox, whom 
he perfilted in regarding, or at leaft in reprefenting, as unpatriotic revo- 
lutionitls, was certainly greateft. In 1803 he worked energetically againlt 
the Addington minillry; and in 1806 he caricatured that which was 
known by the title of " All the Talents," but during this later period of 
his life his labours were more efpecially airnedat keeping up the fpirit of 
his countrymen againit the threats and deiigns of our foreign enemies. 
It was, in ea, the caricature which at that time met with the greateft 
In his own perfon, Gillray had lived a life of great irregularity, and as 
he grew older, his habits of diflipation and intemperance increafed, and 
gradually broke down his intellect. Towards the year 181: he cealed 
producing any original works ; the lalt plate he executed was a drawing


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