Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
our cut No. 229, king George, feated, is reprefentcd nurfing 
feeding the royal infant in an extraordinary degree of homelineiis. 
is iinging the nurfery rhyme- 
Tlzere was a lauglz and a cmw, 
Tlzere -was a giggling bane], 
Goody good girl [hall befkd, 
But naughty girl [72411] 1111-11: mmey. 
This print bears no name, but it is known to be by Woodward, though 
it betrays an attempt to imitate the ityle of Gillray. Gillray was often 
imitated in this manner, and his prints were not unfrequently copied and 
pirated. He even at times copied himfelf, and clifguifed his own Iiyle, 
for the fake ofgaining money. 
At the period of the regency bill in 1789, Gillray attacked Pitt's 
policy in that aifair with great feverity. In a caricature publifhed on the 
3rd of January, he drew the premier in the charafter of an over-gorged 
vulture, with one claw fixed firmly on the crown and fceptre, and with 


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