Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

The wrinkled, hlear-eyed, good old granny, 
In this fame rot, illam'd by many a cranny, 
Hadjinyhfd apple dumplingsfbr her pot. 
In tempting row the naked dumpling: lay, 
Wlzen lo! the monarch in his ufual way 
Like lighfningjpoke, " What this .9 what this F what .7 what ? " 
Then taking up a dumpling in his hand, 
Hi: eye: with admiration did expand, 
And oft did majwy the dumpling grapple. 
'5 'Tix monfiroux, monjirous hard, indeed ? " he cried; 
" VVhat makex it, pray, fr hard ? "-The dame replied, 
Low curtfeying, " Pleaje your rnajejiy, the apple." 
" Very ajlonzjlaing, indeed! jirange thing l " 
Turning the dznnpling round, rejoined the king ; 
4' "Ti: mi]! extraordinary then, all this i:- 
It heat: Pinet!i"s conjuring all to piece:- 
Srrange I jbould ne-ver of a durnpling dream l 
But, Goody, tell me where, where, where's ihejenm F " 
" Sir, there": no foam," guoth jbe, " I ne-zier knew 
Thatfizlks did apple dumplings few." 
" No ! " cried the ]iarin_g- monarth with a grin, 
" Haw, how the de-vil got the apple in .7 " 
On whieh the dame the euriou: jiheme re'ueal'd 
By which the apple laybfz fly conceaI'd, 
Which made the Solomon qf Britain jiart  
Who to the palace with full fpeed repair'd 
And queen, and priniejes fa l1eauteoux,_fcared, 
All with the wonders of the durnpling art. 
There did he labour one -whole week, to jbow 
The -wifdom of an apple dunipling maher ; 
And lo! fa deep was majzjiy in dough, 
The pala:efeem"d the lodging of a baker! 
Gillray was not the only caricaturift who turned the king's weakiieiles 
to ridicule, but none caricatured them with fo little gentlenefs, or 
evidently with fo good a will. On the 7th of March, 1796, the princefs 
of Wales gave birth to a daughter, fo well known lince as the princefs 
Charlotte. The king is faid to have been charmed with his grandchild, 
and this fentimeut appears to have been anticipated by the public, for 
on the 13th of February, when the princefs's accouchment was looked 
forward to with general interett, a print appeared under the title of 
"Grandpapa in his Glory." In this caricature, which is given in 


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