Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
ment to which he was extremely attached. One of the befr known of 
thefe has been celebrated equally by the pen of Peter Pindar and by the 
needle of Gillray. It was faid that one day while king George was 
following the chafe, he came to a poor cottage, where his ufual curionty 
was rewarded by the difcovery of an old woman making apple dumplings. 
When informed what they were, he could not conceal his aftonilhment 
how the apples could have been introduced without leaving a feam in 
their covering. In the caricature by Gillray, from which we take our cut 
No. 228, the king is reprelented looking at the procefs of dumpling mak- 
ing through the window, inquiring in aitonithrnent, " Hay? hay? apple 
dumplings?--how get the apples in  Are they made without 
foams?" The Rory is told more fully in the following verfes of Peter 
Pindar, which will ferve as the bell commentary on the engraving  
Once an a time a momzrclz, tired -witl: whooping, 
Whipping and ffurring, 
Happy in worrying 
A poor,  karmlefs buck 
(Tile lzorfe and rider wet as muck), 
From his liiglz conjkguence and -wifdom Hooping, 
Enter'd rlzrougll ruriqfiry a col, 
Wlzerefat a poor old -woman and lwr pot,


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