Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
fentecl the king looking at the celebrated miniature of Oliver Cromwell, 
by the Englifh painter, Samuel Cooper. When Gillray had completed 
this print, he is {aid to have exclaimed, "I Wonder if the royal connoiffeur 
will underfland this I " It was publiihed on the 18th of June, I792, and 
cannot have failed to produce a fenfation at that period of revolutions. 
The king is made to exhibit a firange mixture of alarm with afionifhrnent 
in contemplating the features of this great overthrower of kingly power, 
at a moment when all kingly power was threatened. It will be remarked, 
too, that the fatirift has not overlooked the royal charaeter for domeflic 
A Cmnpfyiur in Art, 
economy, for, as will be feen in our cut N0. 226, the king is looking at 
the piiture by the light of 21 candle-end {tuck on a "fave-all." 
From this time Gillray rarely let pail; an opportunity of caricaturing 
the king. Sometimes he pirftured his awkward and undignified gait, as 
he was accultomed to fhuflle along the efplzmade at Weymouth; fome- 
times in the familiar manner in which, in the courfe of his walks in the 
neighbourhood of his Windfor farm, he accolted the cornmonefi labourers 
and cottagers, and overwhelmed them with a long repetition of trivial 
queftions-for king George had a charaeteriitic manner of repeating his 
queitions, and of frequently giving the reply to them himfelf. 
Tllm aft: tlzefarmefs wffr, or farmer": maid, 
H;-w many eggs tlzefirzuls I111-ve laid ; 


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