Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Caricature and 
right hand Hde of the picture, the prince appears in ragged garments, and 
in want of charity no lefs than the cripple, and near him is the duke of 
Orleans, who offers him a draft for 553200.000. On the placards on the 
walls here we read fuch announcements as "Economy, an old fong;" 
" Britilh property, a farce  and " Juft publithed, for the benefit of 
potterity, the dying groans of Liberty;" and one, immediately over the 
prince's head, bears the prince's feathers, with the motto, " Ich ftarve." 
Altogether this is one of the moil remarkable of Gillray's caricatures. 
The pariimonioufnefs of the king and queen was the fubjett of carica- 
tures and fongs in abundance, in which thefe illuftrious perfonages appeared 
Farmer George and 111': PVYfl'. 
 haggling with their tradefmen, and making bargains in perfon, rejoicing in 
 having thus faved a {mall fum of money. It was faid that George kept a 
farm at Windfor, not for his amufement, but to draw a fmall profit from it. 
By Peter Pindar he is defcribed as rejoicing over the fl-zill he has fhown 
in purchafing his live {lock as bargains. Gillray feized greedily all thefe 
points of ridicule, and, as early as 1786, he publifhed a print of " Farmer 
George and his VVife " (fee our cut No. 224), in which the two royal 


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