Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
in Literature 
becaufe his diflipation and extravagance rendered him a fair lhbject of 
ridicule, and becaufe he alfociated himfelf with Fox's party in politics; 
but his hoftility to the king is afcribed in part to perfonal feelings. A 
large and very remarkable print by our artift, though his name was not 
attached to it, and one which difplays in a fpecial manner the great  
 characteriltics of Gillray's ityle, appeared on the 21ft of April, 1786, jufi 
 after an application had been made to the Houfe of Commons for a large 
fum of money to pay off the king's debts, which were very great, in tpite 
of the enormous income then attached to the crown. George was known 
as a careful and even a parfimonious man, and the queen was looked 
upon generally as a mean and very avaricious woman, and people were 
at a lofs to account for this extraordinary expenditure, and they tried to 
explain it in various ways which were not to the credit of the royal pair. 
It was faid that immenfe fums were fpent in fecret corruption to pave 
the way to the eliablithment of arbitrary power; that the king was  
making large favings, and hoarding up treafures at Hanover; and that, 
inltead of fpending money on his family, he allowed his eldeft fon to run 
into ferious diH-iculties through the fmallnefs of his allowance, and thus to 
become an object of pity to his French friend, the wealthy due d'Orleans, 
who had offered him relief. The caricature jult mentioned, which is 
extremely fevere, is entitled "A new way to pay the National Debt." 
It reprefents the entrance to the treafury, from which king George and 
his queen, with their band of penfioners, are itfuing, their pockets, 
and the queen's apron, fo full of money, that the coins are rolling out 
and fcattering about the ground. Neverthelefs, Pitt, whofe pockets alfo 
are full, adds to the royal trealures large bags of the national revenue, 
which are received with fmiles of fatisfaction. To the left, a crippled 
foldier fits on the ground, and aiks in vain for relief; while the wall above 
is covered with torn placards, on fome of which may be read, " God fave 
the King  " Charity, a romance  " From Germany,ju{t arrived a large 
and royal affortment . . . . 5" and " Laft dying fpeech of fifty-four male- 
factors executed for robbing a hen-rooft." The latter is a fatirical allu- 
lion to the notorious feverity with which the molt trifling depredators on 
the king's private farm were profecuted. In the background, on the 


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