Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

the mangled corpfes of Hincloos. As will be feen in our copy of the 
molt important part of this print (cut No. 225), the " faviour of India," 
as he was called by his friends, has taken care to fecure his gains. A 
remarkably bold caricature by Gillray againft the government appeared 
on the znd of May in this year. It is entitled " Market-Day--every man 
has his price," and reprefents a fcene in Smithfield, where the horned 
cattle expofed for fale are the fupporters of the king's miniflry. Lord 
Blood on Tlzunder. 
Thurlow, with his characleritlic frown, appears as the principal purchafer. 
Pitt, and his friend and colleague Dundas, are reprefentecl drinking and 
linoking jovially at the window of a public-houfe. On one tide Warren 
Haltings is riding 011' with the king in the form of a calf, which he has 
juft purchafed, for Hatiings was popularly believed to have worked upon 
king George's avarice by rich prefents of diamonds. On another tide, 
the overwhelming rulh of the cattle is throwing over the van in which 
Fox, Burke, and Sheridan are driving. This plate deferves to be placed 
among Gillray's finett works. 
Gillray caricatured the heir to the throne with bitternefs, perhaps 


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