Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

and Art. 
had cleferted the Whigs to be made a Tory minifler, as mafler-general of 
the ordnance--was defeated in the Houfe of Commons in 1787, the beft 
caricature it provoked was one by Gillray, entitled " Honi foit qui ma] y 
penfe," which reprefents the horror of the duke of Richmond at being lb 
unceremoniouily compelled to fwallow his own fortifications (cut No. 222). 
It is lord Shelburne, who had now become marquis of Lanfdowne, who 
isreprefented as adminiiiering the bitter dofe. Some months afterwards, 
in the famous impeachment againft VVarren Hatlings, Gillray fided 
warmly againfi the impeachers, perhaps partly becaufe thefe were Burke 
and his friends; yet feveral of his caricatures on this affair are aimed at 
the minifcers, and even at the king himfelf. Lord Thurlow, who was a 
favourite with the king, and who fupported the caufe of Warren Haiiings 
with firmnefs, after he had been deferted by Pitt and the other minifiers, 
Was efpecially an object of Gillray's fatire. Thurlow, it will be remem- 
bered, was rather celebrated for profane fwearing, and was fometimes 
fpoken of as the thunderer. One of the iineit of Gillray's caricatures at 
this period, publiihed on the 11': of March, I788, is entitled "Blood on 
Thunder fording the Red Sea," and reprefents Warren Haftings carried 
on chancellor Thurl0w's {houlders through a fea of blood, iirewed with 


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