Volltext: A history of caricature and grotesque in literature and art

Another, alfo by Gi1lray,"1s entitled " Guy Faux and Judas Ifcariot," the 
former reprefented by Fox, who dilcovers the delcrtion ofhis late colleague, 
lord Shelburne, by the light of his lantern, and recriminates angrily, 
"Ah! what, I've found you out, have I? Who arm'd the high prietis 
and the people? Who betray'd his mas-P" At this point he is inter- 
rupted by a fneering retort from Shelburne, who is carrying away the 
treafury bag with a look of great felf-complacency, " Ha, ha I poor Gun- 
powder's vexed! He, he, he I--Shan't have the bag, I tell you, old 
Goofetooth  Burke was ufually caricatured as a Jefuit; and in another 
of Gillrayis prints of this time (publifhed Aug. 23, 1782), entitled " Cin- 
cinnatus in Retirement," Burke is reprefented as driven into the retire- 
ment of his Irifh cabin, where he is furrounded by Popilh relics and 
emblems of fuperftition, and by the materials for drinking whitky. A 
velfel, infcribed "Relick No. I., ufed by St. Peter," is filled with boiled 
potatoes, which Jefuit Burke is paring. Three imps are feen dancing 
under the table. 
In I783 the Shelburne miniltry itfelf was ditlblved, and fucceeded by 
the Portland miniltry, in which Fox was fecretary of {late for foreign 
affairs, and Burke, paymatier of the forces, and Lord North, who hatl 
joined the Whigs againft rlord Shelburne, now obtained office as fecretary 
for the home department.  Gil_lray joined warmly in the attacks on this 
coalition of parties, and from this time his great activity as a caricaturifi 
begins. Fox, efpecially, and Burke, {till under the character of a Jefuit, 
were incetlantly held up to ridicule in his prints. In another year this 
minillry alfo was overthrown, and young XVilliam Pitt became eftabliihed 
in power, while the ex-miniiizers, now the oppofition, had become un- 
popular throughout the country. The caricature of Gillray followed 
them, and Fox and Burke conttantly appeared under his hands in fome 
ridiculous fituation or other. But Gillray was not a hired libeller, like 
Sayer and forne of the lower caricaturifts of that time; he evidently chofe 
his fubjeits, in fome degree independently, as thofe which offered him 
the heft mark for ridicule; and he had fo little refpect for the minitters 
or the court, that they all felt his fatire in turn. Thus, when the plan of 
national fortifications-brought forward by the duke of Richmond, who 


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